Part 2 Screen printing resource list

Man-made landscapes

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Man-made landscape buildings etc.

Mirjam Logonder Artist, photography






Extreme plastic surgery/piercings/tattoos

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News articles



Female genital Cutting/mutilation

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FGM related art



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The vagina in art






Gender dysphoria





Ensler, Eve, (2001) Vagina monologues, Virago press. ISBN   1 86049 926 0

Schoeser, M. (2003) World textiles A concise history. London: Thames & Hudson

Gordon, B. (2011) Textiles the whole history uses meanings and significance. London: Thames & Hudson

Gillow, J and Sentence, B (1999) World textiles a visual guide to traditional techniques. London: Thames & Hudson

Bosomworth, D (1995) The encyclopaedia of patterns and motifs. London: Studio editions

Sloley, P G (2012) Ghanas adinkra symbols from our African heritiage. Luton: Emalily ltd.

Issett, Ruth. (2007) Print Pattern and colour. London: Anover books company Ltd.

Wisbrun, Laurie. (2011) Designing and printing fabric. London: Bloomsbury.

Martin, Judy. (1993) The encyclopaedia of printmaking techniques. London: Headline book publishing

Kinnersly-Taylor, Joanna. (2003) Dying and screen printing on textiles. London: A&C Black

Lewis, Karen. (2014) Screen printing at home. Newton Abbot:: A David & Charles Book


Ajala Victoria O.  2011. African Natural/Cultural Communication Media: A Survey of Meanings and Usage at Traditional Ceremonies.  J Communication, 2(1): 1-12 (2011) pp. 1-12


Projection bombing


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