Part 4 Review

Looking over the work I have completed for this section of the course, I am firstly proud of how I have achieved in each section. I enjoy researching normally but to have to then thing further and deeper has allowed me to begin to look at work and artists in a more studied way. I have started to look at my feelings and reactions, as well as what the artist may have been wanting to say and how they have approached the work with that in mind.

I found being theoretical actually allowed me to get in touch with the artist more. Reading about the research they made in preparation for producing a body of work allowed me to see the subtleties that I would have ordinarily missed. In analysing Perry’s tapestry I learnt about the political connotations that were in the narrative, but I had either not realised or I had forgotten from my visit to the gallery. I am sure I never really looked that deeply at it.

I never found it boring, challenging it definitely was. The sheer volume of research was quite daunting at first and, I found my confidence wavered throughout. I went through feeling like I was actually able to read and analyse work better to feeling like I was not academically up to the job.

I was familiar with all of the listed designers and artists at a surface level. I hadn’t really studied them in such detail, nor had I read so much about artists in such a short length of time. I found I was ‘hot housing’ as the more I worked, the more I had questions to answer. I also was able to acknowledge my history with them. What I knew or perceived I knew, which also meant I was analysing my assumed knowledge with my new found education. This highlighted my need to read more about artists to see their methods of research and also to see what actually motivates them. I can see how gaining in-depth knowledge of an artist actually informs me, not just of techniques but it helps me develop an artistic vocabulary that enables me to see how other artists convey thoughts, perceptions, passions and the basic reason why they produce art.

I initially struggled with the questions offered, as it was so new to me to question work and artists in this way. By the time I got to Project 2 I was beginning to get into a rhythm. I found that they were excellent prompts and guided me to get much more form my research. I have them mounted on card and posted on my wall now for future reference.

I definitely see that an awareness of context in which work is produced will influence how I approach work. I have begun to develop samples that needed developing from part 3 and am now going to go back over the work with a new eye. I have not only read with a view to completing this section of work, I have found work that has begun to inform how I move forward with Part 5, My Own Project. Whilst I have no idea what I shall finally produce, I need now to study what I have, where I am before I do any more preparation.

I definitely feel stimulated to do more research work of this nature. I can see how informative and inspiring it is. I also am realising that I am actually developing a deeper awareness of my own motivation and reasons for producing works.


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