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Part 3 Stage 3 Reviewing materials and processes.

The later experiments where I have been burning away fabric to create holes, using text in order to shine light through haven’t given me crisp shadows to work with but the ghostly/ethereal effect shadows are something that I would like to explore further in conjunction with images I have of my Ancestors.


The more crisp, recognisable text was the result of writing on fabric using pva and shining the light through this. I think this may be the ideal method to layer with opposed to fabric that has the letters burned from it?


text written in pva onto silk screen fabric

text written in pva onto silk screen fabric

Marrying together samples from my experiments I could easily see how I could work with layering. especially the text overlaying photographs of my Great Grand Mother.


Above the photograph printed on to fabric has the shadow cast on to it. The shadow comes from text written onto an empty CD case. Below the text has been printed onto muslin and the light shone through. It is hard to see that it is text.





The 3 images above are taken using the photograph printed onto calico, with light shining through text which has been written on to silk screen fabric using pva. The result isn’t clear at all, even though I used a spot light then a candle to test how the strength of the light affect the intensity of the shadow.


Above I shone a light through text burnt out of the silk screen fabric.




Above the pva lettering on silk screen fabric is laid over the photograph. The photograph is obscured to much to be effectively shown on the photograph. In life I do quite like this effect.



The above 2 images show light being shone through text which is produced by burning away the silk screen fabric using a soldering iron. It is a clearer shadow. Below is the photograph shown through the burnt away text.



The 2 images below show the same burnt away text laid over the rust marked fabric. The fabric was marked after being wrapped around a grate cover from the workhouse that my Great Grand Mother lived in for a period of time. The photographs do not show clearly the effect. I do see this as being my favourite effect of all the experiments so far. I like how we need to peer through the burnt out names to the decay from the workhouse grate cover. It is a good metaphor for that whole period of her life, that your peer her Husbands name to see the damage done by the workhouse. It was because of the death of her Husband that they fell on hard times and ended up living in the workhouse. This is something that I would want to explore further.



I do feel that I can start to produce some actual samples from the layering I have done here in stage 3.