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Part 3 Stage 4 Researching source material.

In reviewing the materials I have created and found and looking back over the recorded experiments, I am led to see similarities in the shadows cast in my studio to effects out in nature. The crochet below left shadows that looked like light playing on water.

length of crochet in a simple shell pattern.

The actual crochet panel above and the resulting shadows below. The effect reminds me of the reflections water makes when light is refracted off it. I am thinking of the ripples on a pond, and in seeing this similarity I am left with a calm feeling when looking at the shadow.


the pond at Cresswell crags

the pond at Cresswell crags

cressy 1


The above image is a photograph taken of the inside of a tube of knitted wire. It shows shadows of a spine that runs through the length of the knit. It echoes the interior of the Winter Gardens structure in Sheffield. The photograph of the wire also is quite hypnotic as it draws you in towards its interior. Each material gives the impression of a sturdy, ribbed structure that also has the illusion of great size and strength. If I was to use the hessian I would need to add something to hold the shape, wither boning, wire stitched to form ribs or some clear material that wouldn’t show it’s involvement in keeping the shape in place?

winter gardens Sheffield

winter gardens Sheffield

Looking beneath the length of hessian has the same structural impression.


Below one of the photographs that I took of lace fabric draped over an empty Cd case reminds me of a clear night sky, with the constellations of start fanning out before me. The photograph below it I got from a stock photo site. I haven’t been able to take a suitable photograph myself unfortunately.

crochet fabric.

crochet fabric lit with a candle

Image result for starry night sky

Above is some netting that surrounds a field near where I live. I was made to remember this when I had completed my large knitting sample.


The actual knitting above and the shadow it cast on the wall below.


Whilst I can see a relation to nature or objects in the shadows I have been working with , I cannot see a way to take this forward at all. I am completely stuck. maybe I need to play more in order to find a way forward?